It’s 3D printed!

It’s 3D Printed . . . by Barry Schulte

It was early 2012. I had a new idea for a product and was brainstorming with my brother Mark about how to build it. “Why don’t you try it with a 3D printer?”, he suggested. Well, 3D printing, I had heard of it but thought it was way out of my league. For the industry. I couldn’t be more wrong.

“Do you really think that’s possible? I need the product to be ceramic”, I said. “Sure you can! Lot’s of materials are available these days. I use a 3D printer for my prototypes all the time.’ he replied.

Since that moment on I have been continuously immersing myself in the world of 3D printing. The possibilities are enormous. Today, you can 3D print with lots of materials like full-color sandstone, nickel, copper, stainless steel, silver, gold, and many other. And don’t forget printing organs, a piece of skin or a new liver. Not usable yet, but that is just a matter of time. Imagine the impact it will have (and allready has) on healthcare or transport and supplies of raw materials. 3D printing is not Science Fiction anymore.

Starting Point

The introduction to 3D printing was my startingpoint to build a career as a designer. As a student I did my first experience with 3D cad drawing but never took the change to use it in my profesional life. Now I do and I hope you like some of the stuff I’am creating.

And one of the best parts off 3D printing is that stuff only gets made if people like it and buy it!

Layer By Layer

3D printing is a technic that creates an object layer by layer from the bottom up. There are several different technics these days and more will probably evolve. Probably the most common one these days is SLS printing. It produces the high quality plastic that is used for lot of my designs.

To give you a good impression of 3d printing take a look at this short video from German Designer/artist ‘Markus Kayser’.
Creating objects in the desert with sand and the sun . . .