Most of my Designs will be printed at Shapeways. Based in Eindhoven (Netherlands) and New York (US) Shapeways is the largest 3d Printing Services company in the world. They provide state of the art 3D printers that make it possible for designers like me to be able to use these awesome machines. Most common items I sell both on this website and at my my personal shop at Shapeways, but at shapeways you can find more materials to choose from. So if you like a design but prefer a different material try Shapeways . vs 

There are some differences to be aware of to decide to buy at my shop or at shapeways:

– Shapeways offers more materials
– Shapeways offers faster delivery (I order at Shapeways myself, so you will skip me )
– offers assembled products (i.e. fridge magnets will be deliverd with magnets) Shapeways only delivers the printed items.

Prices are basically the same, although at Shapeways prices can vary a little, so it’s up to you!