Terms & Conditions

To be honest, I don’t feel the need to use lots of words to describe how to handle any issues that might happen when you buy something at my store.
I follow one simple basic rule.

‘If you are not happy with one of my products let’s talk.

If you are a private person you can always return your purchased products and have a full refund. All I ask is that you do it within a decent time limit of 14 days after your relieved the product(s), product(s) are not damaged and you pay for returning shipping costs unless you have not got what you ordered. But first off all I would like to know why you are not happy with it. It can be a disappointment in color, function or something else. And If we can’t modify a product to your needs and there isn’t another way to solve your ‘unhappiness’ you can return your product(s). And in case of (consequential) damages let’s both use our comon sense and honesty.

Business Customers can’t return their custom designed objects without a good reason and without sharing the costs. So again, let’s talk.

And for all customers: I can not take responsibility for consequential damages of any kind caused or partly caused by one of my designs.

That’s all!

In the meantime I simply hope you enjoy my designs for a very long time  🙂
Have great day!



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